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Important: this application requires speed trap database. You can find database for your region on such resources like scdb.info (paid), poiplaza.com (free), maparadar.com (Brazil), puntodeinteres.es (Spain). The alerts correctness depends on database relevance.


Version 3.3.0 (current) – Italian language, support of Tomtom OV2 and Garmin CSV formats;

Version 3.2.1 – tracker;

version 3.1.0 – easier update of databases including those from OneDrive; some other improvements;

version 3.0.3 – some improvements; some bugs are fixed;

version 3.0.0 – reporting and notifications for mobile radars. Portuguese language;

version 2.0.1 – Spanish language, some other improvements;

version 2.0.0 – map view, French language, some bugs are fixed;

version 1.0.6 – beeper, warning priorities for speed cameras of different types, some other improvements;

version 1.0.5 – GPS polling interval 1 second and 3 seconds, some other improvements;

version 1.0.4 – some bugs are fixed;

version 1.0.3 – vibro alerts, some bugs are fixed;

version 1.0.2 – adjustments of synthesized voice.

You can send your comments, bug reports and suggestions to leo@aleprojects.com. Mail is constantly monitored. I'm looking forward for help in app localization to other languages (especially Finnish).