Working in the background

This application is designed to work in the background together with another navigation applications in the foreground. You will receive voice and sound warnings and toast notifications when you use this application in the background.

What is written below applies to cooperative work of two geo-location tracking apps under Windows Phone OS. Not only to Speedtrap Alert and navigators, but also to trackers and navigators or trackers and Speedtrap Alert.

In many cases launch of second geo-location tracking app causes deactivation of previously launched app. Speedtrap Alert notifies user when system deactivates it. Other apps may not.

If you want both apps to work together, you need to prohibit background execution for one which is planned to work in the foreground (visible on screen) and to allow background execution for one which is planned to work in the background (hidden). Background app should be launched first.

Important: foreground app with prohibited background execution will be deactivated immediately when you switch away from it to phone home page or to another app. It will be deactivated even by the lock screen. So, disable lock screen in foreground app if it has such option. Such apps like HERE Drive+ or Waze keep screen turned on and require no action. In Speedtrap Alert navigate to 'Screen' settings to disable lock screen when it runs.

Note: background app can be deactivated by the system when there was no user interaction with it for 4 hours or when system activates battery saver.

How to allow/prohibit background execution.

Navigate to "battery saver" in phone settings and open it. Switch to "usage" tab, find foreground app (for example, navigator) and open its settings. Turn off "Allow app to run in the background" toggle. Check this toggle is on for background app.