OneDrive databases

Make sure that your phone has internet connection. Unzip database files before loading if they are compressed to zip.


1. Tap OneDrive button.
2. Tap Sign in button.

3. Enter your login and password.

This is OAuth authentification, don't worry, the app will never know your login or password.

4. Confirm.
5. Navigate to folder with your database files, select file and tap Ok button.

6. Set additional database parameters.

IGO8 databases require no additional parameters. For databases in other formats select type of radar and default speed limit. Speed limits after '@' character have higher precedence than default speed limit setting. Finally, tap 'save' button.

7. Wait while the app loads your file.

Total speedtraps and Active speedtraps should be nonzeros. Zeros mean that something has gone wrong. Possible reasons: invalid database format (more about format); poor internet connection and/or database is too large.

8. Explore your database on map.


You can consider that any file in your OneDrive has direct URL. But access to this URL requires authorization. This is valid for any file while it exists. You can rename it, overwrite it (when you download new version of database file from internet) or even move it to another folder. But you should not delete it. When you delete file, URL no more exists. While URL exists, you can update database in the app using refresh button at the right side or using context menu. Application will only ask you to confirm access to OneDrive, no need to navigate through folders and to search file.

If you deleted file from OneDrive, you need to delete database and create it again.