Select your language here. Application now supports English and Russian languages. Application can automatically translate names of standard speed traps and change voice of warnings when you change language.


Select which system of units to use – metric (km/h, meters) or imperial (mph, feet).

Important: speed limits for speed traps in databases are considered as given in km/h when metric system is selected and in mph when imperial. If you select invalid units for your region, you will get wrong warnings.


Lock screen

Turning this toggle off prevents phone screen from locking when application is in the foreground, but increases battery consumption.

Note: On devices without Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (GDR3), toast notifications are not displayed when application is running in the foreground but is obscured by the lock screen. It is not applied to voice and sound warnings.

Landscape orientation

Turn this toggle off if you don’t want screen to rotate when you rotate your phone.


“Accuracy” parameter determine how precise speed trap detection is. Lowest value provides maximum reliability, but more false warnings. Highest value provides minimum of false warnings, but possibly less distance of detection. Use lowest value of “accuracy” parameter when you driving fast on highways. Use highest value when you driving in megacities with large number of speed cameras.


Voice warnings

When this toggle is on, application will give voice warning about speed trap ahead, about lost GPS signal or about low battery. When this toggle is off, application will give only short audible alert.

Variable distance warnings

When you turn on this toggle, warning distances shall be calculated as D x (V/100) for metric units and D x (V/60) for imperial units. When you driving, for example, at 150 km/h (or 90 mph), warning distances shall be for 1.5 times longer. When you driving at 50 km/h (or 30 mph), warning distances shall be twice shorter. But warning distances shall not be longer or shorter for more than 2 times.

Average speed control

When this toogle is on, application resets average speed every time car enters average speed control section (passes first section camera) and controls average speed until second section camera.

Warning at the beginning of the movement

When this toggle is on, application will remind about speed trap ahead (if any) every time car begins to move (speed > 5 km/h). May annoy in heavy traffic.

Warning for oppositely facing cameras

When this toggle is on, application will give short audible alert when you approach to the speed camera from behind.

Voice and sound

Select voice for spoken warnings. Spoken warning is a name of speed trap + speed limit + distance. Speed limit and distance are optional parts of the warning. Application can pronounce parts “speed limit” and “distance” in English, German, French, Italian, Spain, Portugal and Russian. So, if you write speed trap name in your language and then select appropriate voice, you’ll hear complete warning in your language.
Sound effect – is a sound played when there is a speed trap ahead and your speed is not safe. Also, you can set volume of the sound effect. This volume is relative to volume set by phone volume buttons and is applied only to sound effect, not for voice.